European Mental Health Week – multilingual iFightDepression®-tool for youths and adults

Frankfurt am Main/Leipzig 10.05.2022 - Thanks to the EAAD-Best project, the iFightDepression®-tool is now available in 14 languages and used in 12 countries. This self-management tool helps youths and adults suffering from mild to moderate depression and is used with the supervision of a trained guiding health professional.

During European Mental Health Week, we SpeakUpForMentalHealth and raise awareness about depression and suicidal behaviour across Europe. EAAD-Best aims to reduce the burden associated with depression and suicidal behaviour by supporting the implementation of the EAAD 4-level intervention concept in more European regions and via promotion of the iFightDepression®-tool. In 2019, European Union member states voted the EAAD 4-level intervention concept and the iFightDepression®-tool as mental health best practices.  

Depression can affect anyone. Just like adults, young people can also suffer from depression. The iFightDepression®-tool is available in both youth and adult versions. For young people, extra workshops and exercises that focus on relationship issues and social anxiety are included. 

The iFightDepression®-tool aims to support patients with mild to moderate depression to self-manage their symptoms and to encourage them to recognise and change their patterns of thinking and behaving in a healthier way. It consists of 9 workshops, worksheets and exercises, and a mood scoring tool (Patient Health Questionaire-9/ PHQ-9). 

The iFightDepression®-tool successfully expanded to more languages and reached more countries and regions because of the EU-funded project, EAAD-Best. The European Alliance Against Depression (EAAD) coordinates the EAAD-Best project, leading the consortium of 8 high-ranked organisations from 8 European countries. 

The 4-level intervention approach and the iFightDepression®-tool were both named a Best Practice intervention programme in the European Commission’s Green Paper1 on Mental Health and the WHO report2.



  1. European Commission 2015: Green Paper – Improving the mental health of the population: Towards a strategy on mental health for the European Union (link) 
  1. World Health Organization 2014: Preventing suicide – A global imperative (link) 


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