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The main goal of EAAD-Best is to reduce the burden associated with depression and suicidal behaviour at the individual and societal level in Europe.

This goal will be achieved by supporting the implementation of the EAAD 4-level intervention concept in target regions and countries, plus the national promotion of the iFightDepression® tool.

These aims are particularly timely considering the exacerbation of mental health problems associated with the impacts of COVID-19. Additional objectives of EAAD-Best include reducing stigma, improving health literacy, and encouraging help-seeking behaviour.

Visit the EAAD-Best Website (www.eaad.best.eu) for further information or email eaadbest@eaad.net

The EAAD-Best project is funded within the Annual Work Programme 2020 of the 3rd EU Health Programme (HP-PJ-2020). (Grant No: 101018325)